14A District Court, Michigan

Magistrate Elisha V. Fink

Elisha V. Fink is the third generation of her family to serve as part of the judiciary in the 14A District Court.  She was appointed as a part time Magistrate in 2012, and has been serving full time since December of 2014.  Magistrate Fink presides at all locations of the 14A District Court.  She is a member of the Washtenaw County Bar Association, and the State Bar of Michigan. 


Magistrate Fink was born in Ypsilanti and raised in Dexter Michigan.  She graduated cum laude from Eastern Michigan University in 1987, with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work.  She graduated magna cum laude from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1999 with a Juris Doctor degree.  At Thomas M. Cooley Law School, she was selected for Law Review, received 14 Merit Awards, and the Distinguished Student award. Fink was also a Teaching Assistant for Professor Joseph Kimble and Professor N. Otto Stockmeyer. Fink spent the first several years after admission to the Michigan Bar working as an Adjunct Professor at Thomas M. Cooley Law School teaching Research and Writing, and continuing to work for Professor Kimble as an assistant editor on many of his projects (including an article she wrote celebrating Justice Levin, published in the Michigan Bar Journal).  During this time Fink was also rearing her four young children.  From 2001 to 2005, Fink practiced at Steven M. Jentzen, PC, a general practice in Ypsilanti. In 2005 Fink opened Fink Law PLLC in her hometown of Dexter, Michigan. In 2007, her sister-in-law joined Fink Law, and in 2010 Fink’s sister also joined the practice.  Fink practiced primarily family law, but also handled criminal cases, estate planning, and civil litigation. 


As Managing Attorney at Fink Law, Fink worked with many law students as mentor, supervisor, and as a volunteer for programs sponsored by Thomas M. Cooley Law School.  From 2011-2013 Fink was Chair of the board of directors of Hudson Educational Center (a non-profit organization promoting musical performance for students).  From 2014-2015 Fink was co-President of the Dexter Rotary Club.



Judicial Coordinator/Court Recorder
Paul Ward
(734) 484-6690





A letter is needed from the attorney making the request containing the Case Name and Number, date for completion of transcription, and date and type of hearing requested. Your request can be mailed to 14A-2 District Court, 415 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 or 4133 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI  48107 Attn. Magistrate Recorder.  The request may also be faxed to (734) 484-6697 or (734) 973-4693, Attention: Magistrate Recorder.  The other option would be to email wardp@ewashtenaw.org

Adjournment Policy

Requests for a two week adjournment of Civil and Misdemeanor Hearings can be made by stipulation and order for adjournment. Requests for cases heard at the 14A-1 District Court should be faxed to the 14A-1 Clerk's office, (734) 973-4693.  14A-2 District Court should be faxed to the 14A-2 Clerk's office, (734) 484-6697.  Requests for cases heard at the 14A-3 District Court should be faxed to the 14A-3 Clerk's office, (734) 475-0460.  Requests for cases hears the 14A-4 District Court should be faxed to the 14A-4 Clerk's office, (734) 429-2879

Each party to a civil infraction is permitted only one adjournment of an informal hearing 48 hours prior to the court date without the permission of the Magistrate. Additional adjournments or requests within 48 hours of the court date require the approval of the Magistrate.  Please call the court that your case is to be heard at: 14A-1, (734) 973-4545; 14A-2, (734) 484-6690; 14A-3, (734) 475-8606 and 14A-4. (734) 429-2504.