14A District Court, Michigan

Civil Infractions

If you have been issued a Civil Infraction citation, instructions for the "next steps" for you to take are found on the back of the citation. Also, the police officer will normally inform you of your obligations.

If you can pay your fine without an appearance before a Judge or Magistrate:

In the event that your transaction with us was charged to your credit card in error or without permission, we will honor your request to cancel the original transaction and refund your payment in full as long as this request is made within forty-five days of the original transaction.  The period of forty five days will begin that date that transactionis intitiated.  Should you choose to cancel this transaction, please note that the original fines and costs will be re-asssessed, in addition to any late fees and penalties that may apply due to the delay in payment. We reserve the right to revise this policy at any time.

Beginning on Monday May 19th, the 14A-1 District Court in Pittsfield Township is launching a pilot project only for those civil infractions issued by the Pittsfield Township Police Department.  This pilot project will allow you to possibly mediate a resolution to your ticket without having to go to court.

Traditionally, receiving a ticket means you have three choices:  pay the ticket, go to court and admit responsibility with explanation or deny responsibility or set your ticket for a Prehearing Conference to possibly mediate your ticket.  However, very few people have the time to go to court.  According to 14A District Court Administrator Bob Ciolek, “We are often willing to mediate the ticket but most drivers cannot take a day off during the week to attend court in person.”  The court and law enforcement is targeting this problem by allowing people who receive tickets to mediate using its Online Mediation System.

The system is first-of-its-kind technology, developed at The University of Michigan Law School to help litigants interact with courts, without needing to hire an attorney. Inventors Professor JJ Prescott and Ben Gubernick were motivated by a desire to make it easier for people to engage with the justice system. "Courts have so much potential to influence people's lives for the better,” Professor Prescott said. "The challenge is removing barriers to access."

For now, Online Mediation is only available for tickets issued by the Pittsfield Township Police Department, but the court hopes to expand the service to its other court locations in the coming months. "I'm excited about the potential," Ciolek said. "It's a new way of providing service to the community, but one that definitely opens the court's doors to more people."


To utilize this new option, please follow this link:         https://www.courtinnovations.com/14A1